There are companies that focus on one thing at a time and easily define the right target groups. They build a predictable pipeline, make sales scalable and keep adding to their efforts. These are hyper-growth companies and they are good at creating predictable revenue. With this, companies can easily plan their next strategy, next innovation and the next boost in sales. 

You need predictable revenue to grow faster. The FaceValue Application, The Purchase Generator, generates predictable revenue for you. 

Are you sure that you’re ready for hyper-growth? 

Let’s get one thing clear. Not all businesses that put in tremendous efforts to rope in good leads and sales come out successful at the other end.

Sometimes, you may feel that it’s getting all the more difficult to even a get a decent number of leads. Even the easiest prospects wouldn’t pan out. You struggle every day to close deals and make new sales. You try to do everything right. You hire the best team there is. Create amazing lead generation systems. Yet, do you feel like hitting a brick wall? 

Most of the times, such a struggle is a sign that you aren’t ready to grow faster. This difficulty isn’t just faced by startups and scaleups.

There are many large organizations and even Fortune 500 companies that go through this situation. 

Want to identify if this is the actual problem? Let’s help you out.

Why is your company not ready to grow faster?

  • There are too many things you are good at and you are focussing on everything simultaneously.
  • Word-of-mouth marketing is good. But looking back, you realize that you have already exhausted it all.
  • Your revenue is dependant on a few good players.
  • You are venturing into a new market and are unable to gauge the right way to sell it.
  • Your company offers various products and/or services and the focus is lost between juggling so many.

These are just a few problems that show that your company isn’t ready for hyper-growth. But, no one wants to come outright and admit that they aren’t ready for growth yet. This issue is most popularly found in companies that have multiple products to sell.

When you have too many at hand, you get confused and disorganized. You try to offer equal attention to all products. But mostly, you end up giving insufficient attention to all. This, of course, leads to substandard marketing or product development. And stuns the growth of the company.

What can you do?
The best thing you can do during such times is to identify the root cause of the problem. Focussing on a single most important thing will help you in growing faster.

Indeed, the solution is FaceValue, The Purchase generator. The FaceValue app is all you need to create predictable revenue and achieve hyper-growth. You easily define the right target groups (Nail your Niche!), build a predictable pipeline and make sales scalable. Load the Brains with your brand information and with one click you activate all 20 Points of Purchase. Discover here how.

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This blog is excerpted from: ‘From Impossible to Inevitable: how hyper-growth companies create predictable revenue’ co-authored by Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin.

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