In 2019, 30% of the companies organized offline events to support lead generation and sales acceleration. 63% planned to increase their budget for event marketing by 22% for the year 2020.

But we all know how that turned out!

2020 came as a massive shock for all those B2B companies who generated a good number of leads and sales from events. So how can you create your sales pipeline when you can no longer depend on these events?

Well, there are a lot more online strategies you can employ to generate quality leads and predictable revenue. If you are unsure about creating online sales pipelines, use the FaceValue Application. It’s intuitive and has everything you need to run successful online campaigns and create predictable revenue from maintaining customer information to marketing automation. 

So, keep calm and create a strong sales pipeline!

How can you create a strong Sales Pipeline during these challenging times?

1. Cold outreach
Cold outreach is the best way to reach out to potential clients. When you are reaching to a new lead during this period, personalize your messages with these three points:

  • Relevancy: Why are you reaching out? What do you have that the lead wants?
  • Recognition: Recognize what they are going through in these troubling times.
  • Pain Point: What pain point of the lead does your product solve?

You would have used cold outreach a lot of times before. But right now, you have to look at things from a different perspective. Some leads may seem very interested, but you won’t hear back again. Some would take a long time to respond. Some may seem the ideal prospect but wouldn’t show an interest. You shouldn’t just stop at considering the professional aspect but the personal side too. 

Why is a quality lead not responding? Are they working at different times? Are they busy managing personal work? 

Ask yourself these questions. Cut some slack, take a step back, understand and try again. 

2. Monitor and understand buyer’s intent
Watch what the leads are doing. Are they checking your website? Blog? LinkedIn posts? YouTube videos?

Monitor the buyers and design your approach based on where they stand. For example, if someone is looking at your pricing page, then they probably are concerned about the cost. If they are looking at the blogs, then it shows that they are interested in the value you add as a company. 

Using other such information you already know, reach out to the prospects with personalized messages that address their concerns. 

These are signs that the lead is interested. Then what’s stopping them? 

Approach them with the answer to this question.

3. Create a connection
Be understanding. Be genuine. Be real.

Don’t just be all marketing talk. Show a human touch. Tell the leads that you understand what they are going through and the troubles they are facing. And then tell them how your product is the solution for a few of these troubles. 

Step into people’s shoes and understand what the lead thinks. Review the behaviour of visitors at every single stage of the funnel. Use an application like FaceValue to monitor, save and analyze the user behaviour and generate leads. Now, engage in value-based messaging that resonates with them. You can also use the FaceValue Application to automate messages based on the buyer’s persona. 

4. Online events
If you have depended a lot on offline events, then online events are the next option. 

But there are so many online events, meetings, discussions, webinars, conferences and so on. So, stand out from the others to get noticed. Make sure people show up at your awesome online events. How do you get the word out there and get people to show up to see all the great things you have to say? In the FaceValue Application, Point of Purchase 4 (Online Event) will be helping you in this journey of marketing your awesome event online. 

5. Start referral scheme
These are hard times and people are open to helping each other out. Therefore, don’t wait for others to refer you first.

Refer good leads to the people you know and ask them to do the same for you. Start from your side, connect people and you will get something in return.

Create a strong sales pipeline with the FaceValue Application!
Everyone from your team is working from home. There is bound to be communication issues, missing out on follow-ups or disconnected campaigns.

Let your team work out of a single multipurpose FaceValue Application. You can create a complete sales pipeline on the application, add the details of the leads, reach out from various points of purchase, track the progress, automate messages, improve the purchase proposition and position yourself to generate a maximum number of purchases. 

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This blog is based on the Predictable Revenue’s Webinar: How to Ensure Your Sales Pipeline Stays Strong During Challenging Times.

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