So you have created a sucessful lead-gen program and have also managed to increase your number of purchases. Your revenue has also seen a boost. But what measures are you taking to ensure that your customers are happy using your product?

Here is where an excellent customer service plays a key role. When that is not offered to the customers, you will find a significant drop in your predictable revenue, which obviously will affect your hyper-growth. The FaceValue Application, the Purchase Generator, is exactly what you need. The App helps to record your customer details, customer support details and customize your interactions.

The inbound methodology is the method of growing your organization through meaningful, enduring relationships with your consumers and prospects. It is about enabling people to reach their goals at any stage in their journey with you.

When the inbound party plateaus, you begin taking a hard look at how ready your revenue teams are to keep growth going when the going gets tough. Marketing and sales required to connect to prospects. Outbound prospecting is not an extension of inbound lead generation. It is a different beast.

It is a fascinating problem to have a wealth of inbound leads coming in. But it can lead to sloppy practices in lead gen and sales when teams "get fat".


Inbound leads need to be contacted within minutes or hours, interrupting the large blocks of hours or days to qualify, while outbound, appointments take two to four weeks to restrict. Another thing inbound ratios are different than outbound ratios.

We are only repeating ourselves again and again because we see so many companies still making this error of mixing inbound and outbound SDR roles.

Around 10%-20% of the time, the roles are mixed for the right reasons specific to that business; 80% of the time, they should not be.

Are your Salespeople Outbound-Ready?
When preparing to launch outbound, review the costumer buying process with sales reps.

Buyers go through 3 phases:

  1. Why change?
    Why change from the status quo?
  2. Why now?
    Why do they need to take action now?
  3. Why you?
    Why do they decide to select your solution.

Let's take a closer look at the different phases

  • A sales development representative sends a mail to the "Decision" level in the organization and catches their attention.
  • The Decision level forwards to this mail down to the "Staff" level to investigate.
  • The Staff level examines the potential fit.
  • If the staff level believes there is a fit, they will begin to push this information back up the chain to the Decision level.
  • The Decision level will find the reviews, and then if they believe this can solve a real problem, they will set the strategy and kick off an official initiative.
  • The "Advisor" level pulls together the tactical requirements of a formal project.
  • The Advisor level kicks off a project. It is now on the Staff level to begin evaluating alternative solutions.
  • Alternative solutions are assessed at the Staff level, a recommendation is made, and finally, the Decision level makes a decision.

With outbound deals, a trade representative has to manage extra complexity and longer cycles and demonstrate more leadership.

A trade representative who is successfully closed inbound leads may or may not be ready to close more significant outbound deals.

Is this a problem? Not necessarily, outbound can be a forcing function to push inbound-heavy sales and marketing teams to be more proactive, entrepreneurial, and skilled.

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