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Perpetuum mobile design principle applied.
Brand consistency across all social channels.
Easy to load addresses.
Management of prospect groups on social media possible.
Possibility to build custom forms for landing pages.
Less labour cost.
Google Analytics.
Go To Webinar.
Go To Meeting.
Salesforce Salescloud.
Single-handed marketing sales possible.
Fits the European market.
Eliminating repetitive administrative tasks.
Promotional database included.
"Uber" marketing sales platform.
Prospects can choose their preferred point of purchase to buy.
Recruitment and hiring included.
Perpetuum mobile is acquiring addresses.
Suited for point of market entry marketing such as start up market.
Send newsletters.
Possibility for social media monitoring and reaction automations.
Create find and use digital data.
Human capacity planning included.
Suited for small and big companies.
Suited for exchange platform tie in promotions.
Free e-mail templates.
Possibility for dynamic (and conditional) email content.
Brand automation lets marketers respond to real-time issues because there is a foundation for brand materials , which is accessible and consistent across the business.
possibility of nurturing purchases and/or prospects.
Possibility for campaign , contact and list reporting.
Freeing up time for creative and strategic initiatives.
Possibility to create specific target audiences.
Easy to integrate with other marketing sales apps.
Easy overview of address database.
Possibility for A/B testing.
Free up time for aligning the daily tactics to business strategy.
Easy to select database.
Legally generates addresses.
Enables brand teams to communicate as they create content seamlessly.
The cloud is allowing marketers to work faster and smarter.
Comprehensive brand management technology.
Possibility for automated series ( custom automation work flows ).
Branding automation market.
Use of own app for purchase generation.
Billing, CPQ, Credit Management connected.
Image Gallery.
Triggered Email Automation (**To be available soon.)
FaceValue Hubspot Marketo Act-on Competitor 4 Competitor 5 Competitor 6
Easily create, find and use digital content.
Easy to generate purchases by students.
Free phone, live chat and e-mail support.
A clear innovator in the branding automation market.
Endorsement SalesForce eco system.
Marketing Sales expertise embedded in company.
Advanced Marketing features for elite marketeers. (**to be available soon.)

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