The 20 Points Of Purchase Scan is in a way a scan indicating the business potential of your Brand.

Here we provide you with some valuable information about the FaceValue 20 Points Of Purchase Scan. If you haven't done the scan yet, then you might want to do that now. Reveal here your brand purchase potential. 

If your Brand activates all 20 Points Of Purchase to the max, the Brand activation score is 20 times 100 = 2000. If the activation lags behind and/or Points Of Purchase are not activated the score is less than 
2000. A score less than 2000 is a pity as your beautiful Brand does not get the activation, read purchases, it deserves. The target audience is not persuaded to buy and there is a realistic chance the target audience buys the competitive brand or the buying opportunity damps away as the target audience decides to cancel the purchase. 

Activation status of your Brand
If you scan your current activation of the 20 Points Of Purchase and add the individual scores together to a total absolute activation score you get a good insight in the current activation status of your Brand. If you divide the current total activation score by the maximum activation score 2000 you get the percentage activation score.
This score delivers the current Brand turnover. If the score is less than 100% there is turnover potential for your Brand. It indicates your Brand has the interest of many more target audience, but at the Points Of Purchase your Brand is just not there and/ or not in the right manner.

Simply said, if the activation score is 50% and the turnover is 100 cases a week. An activation score of 
100 has the potential to deliver a volume of at least 100 cases extra totaling 200 cases a week.

On top, the total turnover can increase further by more compelling offers with a higher conversion.

Continuous AB testing of promotional offers will detect the offers with the highest conversion. 

Turnover potential of your Brand
Scanning your current Brand activation level, connecting it with the current Brand turnover will indicate the turnover potential of your Brand. Planning for a 2000 brand activating score will translate the turnover potential into hard turnover and as important in more happy buyers of your beautiful Brand.

Do you want to reveal your brand purchase potential?
Please find the FaceValue Brand Activation Scan here.

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