Are you noticing that your current strength is slowly translating as your weakness? Well, if you are aiming for hyper-growth, then you need to fix this issue soon. Most often than not, spreading out the focus among various business offerings is how the weakness sets in. This could potentially derail your efforts to create a predictable revenue and put a stop to your fast growth.

So, what can you do now?

Make a smart move by choosing that ‘One Big Thing’ 
Due to the fear of missing out, you may hold yourself back from picking that ‘one thing’ that you want to specialize in. This is especially true in service businesses like design agencies, custom development companies, consultants and other similar professions. You may be great at many things. And, so far, it may be your strongest point because you are able to deliver results even in the face of challenges.

But, that strength is now slowly becoming your weakness. 

You fear that if you pick one thing over another, you may miss out on achieving big in the other path. So, you end up doing it all. But, the best part about picking one big thing to focus on is that you can’t predict where your next big business opportunity lies. It’s totally up to you to figure that out. 

Think of it as a big fish in a small pond. Once you have succeeded in that small pond, move to bigger ponds from there. Learning to win at the first thing will help you to figure out how to win at the next.

If you are struggling at winning at that one thing, reevaluate and repeat until you learn how to win. Keep moving to the next step at that one thing instead of diluting yourself among multiple others. Ignore the expectations of instant success and keep taking baby steps.

Create a focussed solution for relevant customers
When you are in a service industry, it can be hard to pick that one thing to focus on. You were probably accustomed to solving whatever problems the customer faces by building on a solution from scratch. When you are solving different problems, it becomes virtually impossible to scale. 

Instead of such an approach, think about this one. “We are best at solving this type of problem and have delivered great results 100 times before. Can we help you with any such problem?’ With this approach, you understand how your solution could help them rather than trying to find a solution for various problems.

When you are specific with your solution, it becomes easy to connect with the targeted customers and get referred to relevant prospects. Choose a specific niche where you believe the growth is going to be and take maximum advantage of it. 

It’s vital to be willing to lose other customers who don’t come under your targeted segment. It’s high time to lose those people and focus on selling the specific product to the right customers who understand its value.

Now that you have been warned about the future weakness...
It’s time to do something about it. Pick a solution that you want to offer, nail that niche and refocus your marketing targeted to the right prospects.

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This blog is excerpted from: ‘From Impossible to Inevitable: how hyper-growth companies create predictable revenue’ co-authored by Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin.

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