Predictable lead generation is the lever to creating hyper-growth. To generate predictable leads and therefore, predictable revenue, you need to leverage all three types of leads: Seeds, Nets and Spears. Wondering how you can do that? Use the FaceValue Application with 20 Points of Purchase - 20 defined ways to reach out to all three types of leads from various marketing channels.

Let's meet the ‘Nets’, the second of three types of leads.

What are Nets?
Nets are one-to-many campaigns in which inbound marketing, online events and online ads come in. The top marketing organizations like HubSpot, Marketo and EchoSign have created $100 million-plus businesses by majorly using Nets as marketing campaigns. 

In campaigns like Nets, you are literally casting a wide 'net'. Therefore, you get a large number of leads—quantity over quality.

When compared to 'Seeds' which is mostly word-of-mouth marketing and yields 50% conversions, Nets only result in perhaps 1% to 3% conversions to customers. So, you need a whole lot of leads from Nets if you want significant conversions.

Inbound Marketing - The most popular way to land 'Nets'
Among the various marketing campaigns in Nets, inbound marketing, also known as content marketing, is popular and works for all. The main idea behind inbound marketing is to create marketing that people love, learn or get inspired from, which eventually leads to making a purchase. Nowadays, many have come to depend solely on the leads generated by inbound marketing.

Since creating content is an integral part of the inbound marketing strategy, there is something for every business in it. It does not just create direct leads, but the content also creates a trust factor through customer stories and ideas. Anyone can learn quickly about your business and customers apart from the usual phone call conversations.

Social media is one marketing channel in inbound marketing that is growing fast. Social media can be put to use in several ways—as a process in Customer Success or outbound prospecting. If social media makes sense to your business, then go for it. But, don't just do it just because everyone else is. It's okay to put in on the back burner if you don't think it will work.

Let's weigh the pros and cons of using Nets:


  • Easy to generate a high volume of leads
  • Some marketing programs are scalable
  • Published online content can keep generating leads forever
  • Measurable


  • High fixed costs for generating leads
  • Since most leads aren't a fit, low conversion rates
  • Doesn't work best when generating leads for enterprises when compared to small or medium-scale businesses, at least for the first few years

Do you want to beat the cons and create predictable revenue with 'Nets'?
Use the FaceValue Application now to maximize your conversions with a minimal per-lead cost. Build the database with your brand information and use the inbound marketing channels from FaceValue's popular 20 Points of Purchase like Website, Landing Pages, Online Ads, Social Media, Newsletters, etc. Observe and analyze the process, gather insights and customize your next marketing strategy better than the last one. Create predictable revenue with FaceValue and get ready for hyper-growth! Discover here how.

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