Yes, digital selling is a common practice for us. But, the transition to complete virtual selling without any direct, in-person selling is something we need to master soon.

Therefore, make use of the FaceValue Application, a simple and intuitive App that salespeople can use to smoothen the transition to digital selling. You can do a lot of sales functions on this app like connecting with leads, keeping track of customer conversations, and conducting lead-gen programs from this application.

Previously, many businesses were in frozen mode—at a loss to decide how to progress. But now, everyone understands the need to transition to digital selling. But what does it take to truly master it?

Digital transformation like never before
Digital transformation has been a part of most companies’ vision and strategy in the past few years. But right now, we see the true sense of it in every aspect. From the tools and technologies we use to the way of working, companies are now feeling the real meaning of a digital transformation.

At the beginning of the pandemic, salespeople were struggling to get the prospects on calls and build sales pipelines. But now, it has changed. Companies understand that there is no way out of it. So, people are attending meetings and calls and are more responsive as they come to terms with the current situation. But that’s not all salespeople need to sell their products and create predictable revenue.

Raising the ‘Value Bar’
Companies are more cautious than before to buy a product. And therefore, the value bar of the product plays a key role in making a sale. Companies are looking more than just revenue. The need of the hour is customized, compelling products that add the utmost value it can to the buyer.

The old sales strategies you had three months back is out of the window. Even if the buyers are the same, their expectations are different now. They have transitioned, revamped, or changed their outlook towards buying products.

Salespeople have to consider the decision makers when approaching with a proposal. The product should make sense for the decision makers and add value to their business.

Instead of telling the buyer, “I have something of value to you.” Change the conversation to something like this, “We’ll sit on the same side of the table and figure out how to create a plan for the problem. It doesn’t matter if my solution is a part of the plan or not.”

This is how you add value to the prospects and gain valuable customers. Use the FaceValue Application to analyze the customer persona and craft customized solutions that add value to their business.

Invest well in the customers you already have. But, don’t just rely on older relationships. It can put your entire sales at risk. Connect with networks from within the buyer circle that can open more doors for you.

Bringing a change management
Change management is how successful companies manage crises effectively. Sales leaders have to convince their teams to ideally and quickly understand why and how to make this transition.

Companies have to quickly figure out how to be nimble and adapt during the crisis. The priorities have to be changed and the processes revamped.

There can be some salespersons who stick to the classic, old-school way. These are the ones who struggle the most in the present time. They have a tremendous amount of knowledge. They have created vast networks. They have so many practical sales tips to share with the world.

The team has to help such salespeople to understand the importance of using tools and technologies for the sales process. To start with, they can use social networking sites to connect with potential customers. They can easily combine their expertise, existing networks and technologies to perform exceptionally. They are a treasure trove of knowledge and sometimes, to hand holding them can be frustrating but would prove fruitful.

Here are a few focus areas in change management:

  • Reevaluate the selling process regularly and often to see if there is anything more that you can do.
  • A data-driven approach is vital for everyone in the sales team, from sales reps to sales leaders.
  • Look at the macro trends, inbound leads and customer feedback to refine the sales process.
  • Use an automated process for sales as much as possible to limit human intervention like sending emails, tracking leads, etc.

FaceValue Application, the Purchase Generator, is an innovative marketing and sales automation tool. You can create sales pipelines, conduct marketing campaigns from 20 Points of Purchase, automate sales tasks and keep an accurate track of the sales process. Instead of selling your products blatantly, FaceValue helps you understand the buyers and identify the value you can add through your product.

Simplify your sales process with FaceValue Application now!

This blog is based on SalesHacker’s webinar: Master the Transition to Digital Selling.

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