This Pandemic has been a disaster for enormous enterprises globally. Here the primary concern was sustainability for any business, and it has given long-lasting, devastating impact. 'As every cloud has a silver lining' this situation has allowed staying connected through the outbound process. It has become a challenging time for everyone; for some workers, the tech advances we've seen development over the past several years will make the difference between dropping out of the workforce or forging ahead.

If you are working as a salesperson, you will face many issues of cancelled events, postponed conferences, and significant hurdles when it comes to networking. If you did not focus on digital outbound before, it's likely to become your new reality soon.

When you need to pause your fieldwork, you can do your work from home with the online platform as the FaceValue Application. It is a simple and intuitive app for salespeople who can smoothly use digital selling. You can do myriads of sales functions through this app, like connecting leads, conducting programs, and track of your consumers' primary target.

Human connection
It is appreciated to the whole team together, and many of us recognize the nature of every member or interaction that sometimes seems to take a back seat to just getting through the work on the next task or prospecting adventure. This app can work best with the minimum usage of human resources.

Real connections make us feel better, but the strong relationship also plays a crucial role in leading more sales. "Individual value," which highly correlated with emotional connection. Companies that made prospects feel more hopeful, engaged, and heard were more likely to convert.

The FaceValue Application, the Purchase Generator, is an innovative marketing and sales automation tool. You can create sales pipelines, conduct marketing campaigns from 20 creative Points of Purchase, and keep an accurate track of the sales process. Instead of selling your products blatantly, FaceValue helps you understand the buyers and identify the value you can add.

You have the freedom to try new things
Today's modern era is an ideal time to experiment with the technology; you try or take an incursion into new outbound sales techniques. Have you before tried connecting marketing? Newsletters? Social media ads?

FaceValue is a powerful online platform that allows us to create a professional look with activitating the 20 Points of Purchases, automate sales tasks and keep an accurate track of the sales process. Instead of selling your products blatantly, FaceValue helps you understand the buyers and identify the value you can add.

Management Priority
Management of organizations spend more than $1000 on worthless activities, but they can't spend some penny amount on online sales applications. If an organization can use a few dollars on an app that a person needs, they can have better sales and reach their audience.

For example, with the help of FaceValue salespeople can do marketing of their company on different ways as, social media, newsletters, online events, public relation etc. as there are 20 kinds of points in FaceValue for your business hyper-growth.

Successful outbound sales during the pandemic
The FaceValue Application has loads of features to create predictable revenue even during the COVID-19. From creating sales pipelines to tracking leads and using different lead generation modes for SaaS companies, FaceValue App has it all. Salespeople can still efficiently close leads when working from their home with FaceValue.

Use the different Points of Purchase to approach your prospects, track the customer journey, follow-up your conversations with automated messages, and increase your sales.

Try the FaceValue App now and get a free one-month trial. Discover here how.

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