2020 started on a bright note. And then everything went haywire. None of us expected this coming. Not by a long mile. But we are here today. We are caught up in the situation with no way out but to walk through it.

Companies that were previously aiming for hyper-growth are now struggling to break even. So what does it look like for the salespeople in SaaS companies? Previously, sales processes of SaaS involved lots of direct face-to-face conversations. But now things have turned. So, the big question on the minds of salespeople is:

How can you sell remotely in the times of COVID-19?

The FaceValue Application has loads of features to create predictable revenue even during the COVID-19. From creating sales pipelines to tracking leads and using different modes of lead generation for SaaS companies, FaceValue App has it all. Salespeople can still efficiently close leads when working from their home with the FaceValue Application.

Let’s now look at the answers to the most common questions salespeople have during this pandemic.

Question 1: How can you keep generating leads?
It is one hard nut to crack with cost cuts, working from home and fewer profits. 

Don’t just rely on the leads you had previously. You need to get out there and land new deals through active sales outreach programs

The one thing that’s common among all salespeople is networking. Now that you can’t do it offline, you have to get online and network through different forums. You can answer questions on Quora, engage in discussions on Reddit, Facebook Groups or any other relevant online forums. Create networks and take up the conversations over to emails and calls to strengthen the relationship.

If you want to directly reach out and pitch your B2B product, then you can use the following::

  • Emails
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Connecting over phones

You can track all of these prospect interactions through the FaceValue Application.

Question 2: How can you perform the best even through remote meetings?
When salespeople meet a prospect face-to-face, there is a chance to create a personal touch and strike up casual conversations that lead to a good relationship. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, salespeople have no way but to use video calls and still make a similar impact on the prospects.

Be Personable
Don’t worry about doing things perfectly. Most are at home. So, dogs and cats coming in front of the camera, kids running behind and neighbours waving have become a common occurrence. You can use such instances to make it more personable and start a casual conversation that leads to an open professional talk.

Be mindful about what the other person has to say
Always show interest to know what the prospect or customer is thinking. Give space for them to voice out their talks, a pause in the conversation to see if they have something to say.

Offer free demo calls 
If they seem interested, share your screen and start a demo of the product. Show what’s relevant to them and current situation. And continue your face-to-face conversation over a video call.

If your prospect isn’t available for a video call, that’s okay. You can send a video message too. 

Question 3: How can you keep closing more deals?
Emails are good. But don’t use emails for every single interaction. It creates distance and it shouldn’t be a reason that stops the prospect from closing. Move over to chat apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn or any other apps the prospect is comfortable with.

As you converse with multiple leads, there are high chances that you may lose track or leave out any prospect. The person may be interested in you. But losing the momentum could prove fatal!

So make sure to track the leads accurately through a proper system. Include details like what you are working, when you should take the next action and the current discussions going on. Note down everything: all the calls, meetings, chats and everything on a CRM system.

Connect with the prospects regularly and keep stressing on the next step. If something is stopping the prospect from closing the deal, see if you can do anything to eliminate it.

Are you looking for a good CRM to keep track of your leads?
FaceValue application, the Purchase Generator is amazing to track your leads from different Points of Purchase. You can load all the information of your prospects and customers in the CRM, track the progress and generate maximum sales. You can also see a complete overview of the marketing and sales campaigns, implement new strategies, monitor and improve them.

Use the different Points of Purchase to approach your prospects, track the customer journey, follow-up your conversations with automated messages and increase your sales. 

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This blog is based on Predictable Revenue’s Webinar: How to Sell Remotely in Times of COVID-19.

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