FaceValue and Salesforce are offering 5 licenses for free for charities

FaceValue and Salesforce are offering 5 licenses for free for charities

FaceValue in combination with Salesforce is an out-of-the-box purchase generator. And therefore an excellent means to recruit donors . In order for charities to grow rapidly, FaceValue and Salesforce will provide 5 licenses for free. Each worth EUR 255 a month.

Salesforce.com is the global market leader in Customer Relationship Management software.Salesforce.org provides charity organizations around the world Salesforce CRM subscriptions for free to support their initiatives. FaceValue is the world product leader of  out-of-the-box purchase generators. The combination of Salesforce and FaceValue ensures organizations to maximize the number of purchases of their brands whilst at the same time the cost per purchase are minimized. The combination of the FaceValue purchase generator and Salesforce CRM is available for Euro 255 per user per month. For more information see FaceValue.info.

FaceValue uses the pay of “ it takes two to tango “ as FaceValue has the strong believe brands should do their utmost to persuade a prospect to purchase rather than selling a customer by pushing. The way to accomplish prospects to buy rather than selling to prospects is to know and respect the needs and whishes of the prospect , to give the prospect an offer of great interest and to make the offer available at all 20 Points Of purchase in the best possible manner. This approach with respect for the prospect suits the mission of charity organizations. It fosters the process of attracting donors , which is everything but hard sell.

The combination of the Salesforce Euro 75 per user per month subscription and the FaceValue Euro 180 per user per month subscription is offered for the first five subscriptions. From five onwards the regular prices are charged.


Salesforce and FaceValue are pleased to contribute to the well being of humans , animals and environment by supporting the initiatives of charity organizations around the world. More donors for a better world.   

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