Intern Online Marketeer fluent Dutch and English


  • Coordinating and managing the online marketing activities including: website management and website maintenance
  • Web analytics & response analysis: devise and provide regular reports covering: optimization, digital marketing performance and (campaign) results, insight into the target audience and customers, their usage of our products, services and website, identifying (potential) problems, issues and opportunities.


  • You are an entrepreneur at heart, stress resistant and have a good overall view on things.
  • You stand for what you believe in, are able to get your message across and gain the trust of your colleagues for your vision.
  • You are a doer and a team player. Together with your squad, you go for victory each and every time.
  • Creating and sending newsletters international
  • Responsible for Dutch and English content 
  • Responsible for social media 
  • Helping the customer service department if necessary
  • Communicative, “hands-on mentality”
  • Client oriented
  • Flexible and abitious

Don't hesitate to reply if you miss a few skills, we have experts to help you out on the road ;)

We'll give you an Internship fee of 500 euro per month, based on 40 hours per week.

Send an email to with your CV and describe your motivation.

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    Start well in 2020 with more revenue!!
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