Intern Copywriter Dutch and English

In order to strengthen our team based in Amsterdam and to cater for international expansion, we are looking for a creative and enthusiastic Copywriter that can bring playfulness, boldness, and a human touch to FaceValue's communication in order to bring the brand to life.

Your primary tasks and deliverables are

  • Write high-quality content for FaceValue's website, social media channels, mobile app as well as e-mail that fits our brand values
  • Update and maintain FaceValue's tone of voice in product- as well as marketing-related communication


  • Speak and write Dutch (preferably native level)
  • Speak and write English fluently
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written
  • Self-driven and independent, able to manage your own time

This role is a full-time position, but could also work in a part-time capacity.

Don't hesitate to reply if you miss a few skills, we have experts to help you out on the road ;)

We'll give you an Internship fee of 500 euro per month, based on 40 hours per week.

Send an email to with your CV and describe your motivation.

Bij afname van een FaceValue licentie krijgt u 3 maanden Exact cadeau!

Het boekhoud plus programma van Exact kost u normalitair 69 euro per maand.

FaceValue heeft nu tijdelijk de actie om u het plus abonnement voor 3 maanden gratis te geven bij aankoop van een FaceValue licentie met looptijd van minimaal een jaar. 


Begin vandaag nog!
Bij afname van een FaceValue licentie krijgt u 3 maanden Exact cadeau!
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