FaceValue together with Salesforce provide unique marketing and sales gaming

The combination of FaceValue and Salesforce is designed to educate students on marketing and sales and on marketing sales automation. “Killing two birds with one stone”. The FaceValue application includes the best practices at all 20 Points Of Purchase and presents the results of activities at each of the 20 Points Of Purchase by 200 KPI’s , 10 KPI’s per Point Of Purchase. Furthermore, it encapsulates more than 1000 functionalities to automate more than 19500 marketing sales decisions. All of this to deliver the maximum amount of purchases at the lowest possible cost per purchase. 

The application is easy to handle and ideally suited to set up a business and to get it operational within a few hours. After students have used the FaceValue application, they have become an expert on building a Brand, activating the Brand at all 20 Points Of Purchase, running AB tests of Points Of Purchase execution and running AB tests on promotional offers at Points Of Purchase. They have also become an expert on the best practices at each Point Of Purchase, running marketing sales automation, managing a marketing sales department and finally, on setting up a(n) (own) business.

The ease in handling makes the application ideal for gaming too. Gamers can outperform their competitors by injecting better content quicker than the competition. The application also contains better market and Brand information. The market information includes market definition, attributes and pain points, while the Brand information contains brand product features, unique product benefits, slogan, character, tone of voice. It also contains information as certificates, stake holders, Brand comparison, testimonials, Q&A, projects and Brand acts. The inclusion of all these features will lead to gamers easily outperforming their competition.

On top of that, gamers will compete on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and promotional offers.

The Brand can be put into the real market for the advanced gamers. The ultimate criteria, the amount of purchases and the costs per purchase (amongst 200 other KPI’s) can be used to honour the best gamer, which is essentially the Hero in marketing and sales.

So gamers, subscribe to the FaceValue newsletter to be kept posted on developments and contact FaceValue if you want to contribute to the development of the marketing sales game of FaceValue and Salesforce. We need gamers to test.  




FaceValue together with Salesforce provide unique marketing and sales gaming
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