FaceValue and salesforce make marketing and sales sustainable

The combination of FaceValue and Salesforce deliver the maximum number of purchases of a Brand against the lowest possible costs per purchase.

This is driven by the strong belief a Brand should approach consumers and customers in the right way, at the right time (according to the best practices) and at the right place (give the consumer and customer the choice at which Point Of purchase to buy) with an offer the consumer and customer cannot refuse (tailored to the needs based on consumer and customer  knowledge). Hence, turn sales into a service. Do not sell, make the consumer and customer buy. Do your utmost to persuade the consumer and customer to buy because “it takes two to tango“.

This approach takes all of the non-value added cost out of the marketing sales process. The purchase process of the consumer and customer becomes seamless. If you automate this purchase process even more, non-value adding cost are cut out. Exactly that is what the combination of FaceValue and Salesforce is delivering: making the purchase process seamless and cutting out remaining non-value added cost out through automation.

Making processes seamless and cutting out non-value added cost means sustainability. To calculate the sustainability effect in terms of establishing seamless processes and avoiding non-value added costs in marketing and sales, FaceValue will run various projects with universities and consultancy firms.  

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FaceValue and salesforce make marketing and sales sustainable
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