FaceValue and Salesforce are offering 5 free subscriptions for Charities

The world needs Charities more than ever. Organizations like yours are harnessing the power of The world needs nonprofits more than ever. Organizations like yours build a better future for all of us.

FaceValue in combination with Salesforce is a ready-made purchase generator. And therefore an excellent means to recruit donors and collectors.

In order for charities to grow rapidly, FaceValue and Salesforce will provide 5 subscriptions for free. Each worth EUR 255 a month.

Charities are indispensable for a developing society. Charities take care of problems and/or opportunities the governments are not ( yet ) paying attention to ( yet ) . Many people benefit from the initiatives and accomplishments of Charities in numerous domains.

To foster Charities , Salesforce runs a special program “ Great missions deserve great technology “ .The combination FaceValue and Salesforce has the same objective. Since the combination FaceValue and Salesforce is an out of the box solution, it is ideally suited for starting Charity organizations. It structures fund razing from day one , hence raising maxim funds against the lowest marketing and sales cost possible.


Bernard Witzel , founder and Chairman “ Stichting Pleziervaart “ in Amsterdam :

After a fast start our growth hampered due to complexity and available budget.

With help of the FaceValue application we were able to structure all our fundraising activities within a few days and start raising funds in a professional way. We raise funds through all contact moments with the target audiences at the lowest cost possible. The result is a fast growth of our fund enabling us to deliver the mission of our organization.


Maximizing fund raising at the lowest possible cost is what all Charities deserve “.

FaceValue and Salesforce are offering 5 free subscriptions for Charities
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