New POPs are coming!

New POPs are coming!

Having difficulties creating a presentation for your prospects and or stakeholders? FaceValue is working on a new POP in which you can create a entire PowerPoint Presentation with just 1 click! 

Your Brand will be presented in a professional way containing all the necessary information of the Brains (POP 0) and Promotions.

Don't sell, Make Somebody Buy!

Your PowerPoint Presentation will be available for the following POPs:

  • POP 11 Trade Fairs
  • POP 12 Visits
  • POP 13 (In-House) Events
  • POP 14 Trade Fairs
  • POP 15 Branch Organisation
  • POP 16 Pop up Store
  • POP 19 Corporate Identity

Boost your revenue before the end of the year 2019!

The FaceValue application is developed for business owners and marketeers to get insight in wether a promotion is a succes.

Pick 1 of the 20 touchpoints which you think works best, provide a promotional offer and check wether it succeeds or not. 

Ofcourse you can do a promotional offer at all 20  different communication channels at the same time!

However, make sure you don't underestimate the application you will get a lot more response from the market.

FaceValue comes with a free implementation.

Benefit from it now!

FaceValue implementation for free!
Boost your revenue before the end of  the year 2019!
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