First Contact to Cash

First Contact to Cash

The FaceValue application is now permanent part of the First Contact To Cash system. Marketing and sales are often not part of the credit management process. As a result, they are not aware of the problems that they create in the process. This costs time and money.

Organizations must therefore transform into demand-driven organizations. A demand-driven organization thinks and acts from the first contact moment with the customer. Initially, started the contact between debtor management and the customer when placing the order. Now we start with the first contact, prospecting. Order to Cash transforms to First Contact to Cash. Billing and Credit Management becomes Sales Support and form an integrated part of Customer Relationship Management. 

First Contact to Cash system exists of the following apps:

  • FaceValue
  • Salesforce CPQ
  • NNext Billing
  • Finance (exact online)
  • MaxCredible

Het First Contact To Cash system starts by using the FaceValue application and ends with the MaxCredible Credit Management application.

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Ready for hyper-growth? Discover how to generate predictable revenue easily.
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