High-tech marketing automation for small Business

High-tech marketing automation for small Business

Marketing automation for small business

FaceValue offers a marketing automation for small business. For only 255 euros per month per user, you have a high tech marketing and sales automation.

Solution for small companies

It is difficult for small companies to be present at 20 point of purchases at the same time. You have to work with many different systems which takes a lot of time. In addition, the overview of all KPIs is missing.

FaceValue is a marketing and sales automation for small businesses. This allows the brand to be present at 20 different points of purchase with just one click of a button. Let your prospects choose where they want to buy your product and don't force them to 1 or 2 channels. 

By monitoring the KPIs in one dashboard, you can not only measure the effects during the campaigns, but also the effects of defferent promotions. Fine tune the flight and maximize the number of purchases, while simultaneously minimising the costs per purchase.

Expiration date 31/07/2020


What are your benefits with FaceValue?

  • Easy to justify investment in marketing and sales. All activities are measured and reported. In total, there are more than 400 KPI's, including history in numerous combinations.
  • Your core effectivity deserves all of your focus. With the use of the FaceValue application, your brand will have a huge amount of leftover time. This improves brand performance even more!
  • €255 per user per month damps away by the increase in turnover. The ‎€255 includes ‎€75 for the Salesforce CRM subscription which leaves ‎€180 for FaceValue.
  • Be present at all 20 Points Of Purchase with the best execution and promotional offers. Get more out your money spent on marketing and sales, and also receive preference and loyalty from the market over your competition.
  • Maximize the number of purchases and minimize the cost per purchase at the same time.

A peacock shows all it's feathers to impress, your brand just a few

Your brand deserves to be bought by the prospect instantly. Therefore, the prospect needs to be persuaded. Nature knows that the Peacock shows all its feathers to persuade, not just a few.


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