More customers in your baby and child clothing store with FaceValue!

More customers in your baby and child clothing store with FaceValue!


Today, it is not the biggest brand or the best brand that wins the prospects, it's the fastest engaged brand that wins the prospect's heart. Being first and applying best class marketing sales puts a brand ahead of competition.

FaceValue ensures more customers and therefore more sales!

Many people prefer to buy clothes for their children online than in the store. This entails that the baby and children's clothing stores become quieter and sales fall. FaceValue has devised the perfect system to ensure that your store becomes busier again!

FaceValue has developed a system that automates the entire marketing process. This system ensures that you as a children's clothing store easily and quickly approach as many new customers as possible without having to invest too much time and effort. The costs are low and your customers will increase, so the turnover too!

If you purchase a license for FaceValue as a children or baby clothing store, you will also receive a free implementation. Hereby we help you within 8 hours to prepare the best marketing strategy for your store. By implementing this strategy you will immediately notice that more customers are coming to your store!

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Expiration date 6/06/2019


What are your benefits with FaceValue?

  • Easy to justify investment in marketing and sales. All activities are measured and reported. In total, there are more than 400 KPI's, including history in numerous combinations.
  • Your core effectivity deserves all of your focus. With the use of the FaceValue application, your brand will have a huge amount of leftover time. This improves brand performance even more!
  • €255 per user per month damps away by the increase in turnover. The ‎€255 includes ‎€75 for the Salesforce CRM subscription which leaves ‎€180 for FaceValue.
  • Be present at all 20 Points Of Purchase with the best execution and promotional offers. Get more out your money spent on marketing and sales, and also receive preference and loyalty from the market over your competition.
  • Maximize the number of purchases and minimize the cost per purchase at the same time.

Become the game changer in your market by applying mar/tech FaceValue

Introduce Branding and business development at all 20 Points Of Purchase with the click of just one button. Driven by latest technology automation in branding and business development. Prosper from being the first. Start now!


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