Get a free iWatch by purchasing 2 FaceValue subscriptions

Get a free iWatch by purchasing 2 FaceValue subscriptions

Optimize your marketing sales proces

Cut out all non value added cost in the marketing sales process through automating executional work. Be present at all 20 point of purchases in the best manner with the best offer. Improve by learning on the flight.

The prospect communicates his wishes through one of the 18 POPs

The supplier ensures that the client’s products and services are presented in an attractive manner through all of the 18 POPs. Basically this means an expression of the POP complying with the best practices together with an offer satisfying the client’s wishes. Indeed, it takes two to tango! Because of this, we see the process as making the prospects buy our products rather than selling to them, essentially turning sales into service. 

Expiration date 28/04/2017

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What are your benefits with FaceValue?

  • Easy to justify investment in marketing and sales. All activities are measured and reported. In total, there are more than 400 KPI's, including history in numerous combinations.
  • Your core effectivity deserves all of your focus. With the use of the FaceValue application, your brand will have a huge amount of leftover time. This improves brand performance even more!
  • €255 per user per month damps away by the increase in turnover. The ‎€255 includes ‎€75 for the Salesforce CRM subscription which leaves ‎€180 for FaceValue.
  • Be present at all 20 Points of Purchase with the best execution and promotional offers. Get more out your money spent on marketing and sales, and also receive preference and loyalty from the market over your competition.
  • Increase the attractiveness of your brand by adding the most attractive promotional offers.

FaceValue, the Purchase Generator.

FaceValue provides those who produce products and services with a unique application that generates the maximum number of purchases at the lowest possible cost per purchase.


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