FaceValue, the Purchase Generator.

FaceValue provides the world producers of product and services an unique  application which generates the maximum number of purchases at the lowest cost per purchase possible.

This because FaceValue presents the brand an its offers following the best practices at all 19 Point of Purchase points.  

Prospects are in the position by FaceValue to buy products and services at the point of purchase of choice, at the preferred time, with the ideal offer in the best manner.




Our Products / Services



FaceValue is a branding and business development application. 

The application enables the brand to do the prospects an offer at all 19 Points Of Purchases with one touch of a button.    


  • Automation of the whole sales marketing process
  • A lot of marketing sales choices are predefined
  • No limit to the of promotions and the use of Point Of Purchase points
  • Pictures can be dragged and dropped to the library easily
  • The brains consists of data, business information and management tooling
  • All 19 Point of purchase executions meet the best practices
  • Over thirty thousand decisions are automated
  • The number of purchases and the cost per purchase are presented


  • Outperform your competitor easily
  • Maximum time for your core business
  • Activate execution of 19 points of purchases with just one Click
  • The return on investment of FaceValue is a no brainer
  • Increase Attractiveness of your brand
  • Be sure of the result monitoring the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
brands using FaceValue
decisions automated
combinations possible
Point Of purchases


FaceValue Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3
Billing, CPQ, Credit Management connected.
Use of own app for purchase generation.
branding automation market.
Possibility for automated series ( custom automation work flows ).
Comprehensive brand management technology.
The cloud is allowing marketers to work faster and smarter.
Enables brand teams to communicate as they create content seamlessly.
Legally generates addresses
Easy to select database.
Free up time for aligning the daily tactics to business strategy.
Possibility for A/B testing.
Easy overview of address database.
Easy to integrate with other marketing sales apps.
Possibility to create specific target audiences.
freeing up time for creative and strategic initiatives
Possibility for campaign , contact and list reporting.
possibility of nurturing purchases and/or prospects.
Brand automation lets marketers respond to real-time issues because there is a foundation for brand materials , which is accessible and consistent across the business.
Possibility for dynamic (and conditional) email content.
Free e mail templates.
Suited for exchange platform tie in promotions.
Suited for small and big companies.
Human capacity planning included.
Create find and use digital data.
possibility for social media monitoring and reaction automations.
Send newsletters.
Suited for point of market entry marketing such as start up market.
Perpetuum mobile is acquiring addresses.
Recruitment and hiring included.
Prospects can choose their preferred point of purchase to buy.
"uber "marketing sales platform.
Promotional database included.
Multi Lingual
eliminating repetitive administrative tasks.
Fits the European market.
single handed marketing sales possible.
Salesforce Salescloud
Go To Meeting
Go To Webinar
Google Analytics
Less labour cost.
possibility to build custom forms for landing pages.
Management of prospect groups on social media possible.
Easy to load addresses.
brand consistency across all social channels
Perpetuum mobile design principle applied.
Marketing Sales expertise embedded in company.
Endorsement SalesForce eco system.
A clear innovator in the branding automation market.
Free phone , live chat and e mail support.
Easy to generate purchases by students.
Easily create , find and use digital content

Questions & Answers

If I want to negotiate Salesforce CRM subscription prices , who should I turn to?

You should turn to your Salesforce account manager and or to the Salesforce helpdesk......................

What are the Brains? (Point Of Purchase 0/POP 0)

The Brains contains all the information that is needed to publish content through all the 19 Points Of Purchase. The brains consists of three parts, the so called jobs:

1) a database

2) a management information system

3) an operation system

The information in the brains data base contains standard information on about us, location, product, market place, etc., and purchase information such as the amount of purchases, cost per purchase, this in total, per point of purchase and promotion.

With the management information system this information is published on dash boards.

You have the option to issue a promotion and publish it immediately through all 19 point of purchases or a limited set of point of purchases. On top , you can issue promotions per point of purchase individually.

Where can I post my FaceValue product development whishes/requirements?

You can post them at the 24x7 online helpdesk. You will receive a confirmation directly and an reply on your request within 24 hours. 

Can I keep my website and/or webshop operational next to FaceValue?

Yes that is possible. You can choose not using the website of the FaceValue application, using the website of the FaceValue application on top of your current website or to replace your current website for the FaceValue website.

Do you choose to use the FaceValue website on top of your current website we propose to link both websites.

Not using the FaceValue website implies that the Point Of Purchase newsletter needs to be activated by ticking the "not public" box. As news cannot be retrieved from the website.

Not using the FaceValue website is done by not ticking the website box at the moment you activate a promotional offer.   

Can I have more than one landing page?

At this moment there is one landing page covering all functionality requested of all branches. This following the FaceValue design principle to keep the application simple. Over time limited differentiation might be applied hurting the simplicity.  

Who is NOT buying FaceValue?

Users who prefer to automate processes and tasks in branding and business development themselves. Users who like to work the system instead of using it to foster their business. 

Do I get recognized and rewarded when I convince a prospect to buy a FaceValue subscription?

Yes. You can make use of the "convince your neighbour" promotional offer of FaceValue. For details see website FaceValue tab promotional offers. 

Where can I find client success stories?

The FaceValue client success stories are published on the homepage of the Website POP 6 and the Landing Page (POP 7).

Where does the design of FaceValue come from?

The branding and business development design of FaceValue come from knowledge and experience of Procter & Gamble, Omnicom and MaxCredible combined. 

The design principles are: 

  1. Simplify, standardize mechanize processes and tasks in branding and business development. 
  2. Outside in from the perspective of the user. 
  3. One size fits all.  
  4. Self-explanatory. 
Do I get a rebate if I buy more than one FaceValue subscription today or later in time?

No. The FaceValue pricing is the lowest possible continuously. FaceValue will add functionalities and will do it utmost to prevent price increases to fund this. So basically the price of the FaceValue app will decrease every release.

On top, FaceValue is priced far below  alternative solutions. We call it alternative solutions as the unique FaceValue app has no direct competitors. Hence a direct comparison is not possible.

Alternatives are apps that cover only part of what the FaceValue app is offering, hence creating inefficiency and nonvalue added cost.  

To keep the FaceValue organization simple we therefore avoid complex pricing as a result of rebates. We prefer to bring the price down for every user.  

Where can I find legal promotional offer guidelines?

General legal promotional guidelines are presented in the FaceValue app the moment you prepare a promotional offer. You have to add specific information on your company and promotion to it.

We advice consulting a specialist on this. 

How has FaceValue organized security?

Security is guaranteed by the Force.com platform, the platform the FaceValue app is built on and running on. The security requirements Force.com applies meet the highest standard as is evidenced by more than 400 world wide clients Salesforce is hosting with success.  

Is FaceValue for small companies primarily ?

No , FaceValue is used by large and smal  companies. For small companies and start-up companies, the benefit to be able to manage the branding and business development singlehandedly are even more valid compared large companies.

Large companies have a nattinal branding and business development team taking care of loading the brains, fine-tuning the FaceValue brain content and FaceValue app based on results and launching national promotional offers.

On top large companies each Point Of Purchase with a team launching promotional offers at their respective Point of Purchase and find the promotional offers based on results.     

Is FaceValue available all over the world?

Yes. FaceValue is distributed through the worldwide AppExchange of Salesforce. FaceValue is available in several languages.

If I have a Salesforce CRM subscription already, do I need to buy another one for using FaceValue?

No.  You have to buy the FaceValue subscription only.

If you want to extend usage with users within your company or related to it who are not using the Salesforce CRM subscription, you do have to buy both, the Salesforce CRM subscription and the FaceValue subscription.   

What is a point of purchase?

A point of purchase is a place where a prospect can buy the preferred brand. There are 19 points of purchase. At each point of purchase the prospect uses its senses to come to a purchase.

1) social media (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest), see ,hear

2) e zines, see ,hear

3) online market research, see ,hear 

4) online event, see, hear

5) newsletter, see ,hear 

6) website, see ,hear 

7) online advertising (landing pages), see ,hear 

8) company interview, see ,ear

9) telephone, hear

10) customer service, hear 

11) trade fairs, see, hear, smell, taste, feel

12) visits, see, hear, smell, taste, feel

13) in house event, see, hear, smell, taste, feel

14) training, see, hear, smell, taste, feel

15) branch organization, see, hear, smell, taste, feel

16) pop up store, see, hear, smell, taste, feel

17) credit management, see, hear

18) market places, see, hear, smell, taste, feel

19) stationary, see. 

Can I use FaceValue without Salesforce CRM as well?

No. The FaceValue app is operational only in conjunction with the Salesforce CRM app. 

If I do not generate purchases with the FaceValue app, can I cancel the Facevalue subscription?

No. FaceValue puts your brand in the best position possible to generate purchases as is evidenced by the numerous FaceValue brand succes stories and the score on the more than 200 KPI's. If purchases do not materialize the content and or the promotional offers have to be changed. Ultimately, if after fine tuning the content and promotional offer purchases still not materialize, the brand fundamentals have to be reviewed.


Where can I find a client list of FaceValue?

On the FaceValue homepage you can find the daily growing client list of FaceValue.

Why do I pay the FaceValue subscription on a monthly base and the Salesforce CRM subscription on an annual base?

FaceValue is restricted to the terms and conditions of Salesforce. The Salesforce CRM subscriptions are paid for a 12 months period up front. 

Following the simples design principle, FaceValue would follow this payment term. However, on the cash position of small companies, FaceValue decided to overrule the simples design principle and charges the user per month.   

How can I contact the FaceValue helpdesk ?

The FaceValue helpdesk you can contact via...............................

What can I expect from FaceValue's continuous improvement?

FaceValue improves the app continuously. The brains and each of the 19 Points Of Purchase have their development team. 

All relevant wishes and requirements of the users are implemented so each month a better product than the month before will be released. 

FaceValue has the conviction that all whishes ad requirements of users are an opportunity to improve the product and or company. 

FaceValue appreciates a wish, requirement or complaint as it will improve the product for all of us.  

Where should I go to outsource the FaceValue labor work ?

On the FaceValue website tab ........you will  find a selection of partners of FaceValue under which partners for managing the FaceValue app. 

The FaceValue app is easy in use , so you can go to any of the general service providers to ask to manage the FaceValue app for you. For questions, those service providers can go to the FaceValue website ........................ to get informed.  

Get a free FaceValue training worth €500 when buying a subscription.

Get the training for free and start to generate purchases for your brand within 24 hours. Pursuade your prospects to buy in the ultimate way possible at all 19 Points of Purchase.

Outperform your competitors by being at all 19 Points of Purchase in the best manner possible.   

Persuade your prospects to buy in the ultimate way possible at all 19 Points of Purchase. 

Get a free FaceValue training worth €500 when buying a subscription.
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