What can FaceValue do for you?

FACEVALUE offers you ultimate branding and business development. Resulting in the maximum number of purchases of your brand at the lowest cost per purchase possible.  

How ?

  1. By offering the prospects a promotion at all 19 Points Of Purchases. 
  2. By offering the most attractive promotions.
  3. By offering the promotion at each Point Of Purchase according to best practices.
  4. By reducing the cost of promotions leveraging the buying volume.
  5. By automating this process fully. 



What can FaceValue offer you?

Issuing promotions are the leading activity of the FaceValue Application.

To come to purchase, a prospect has to receive an offer always. After all, there is no purchase without a promotional offer. Promotional offers are created in the Brains (Point Of Purchase  0) and are subsequently issued at all or a selection of the 19 Points Of Purchase points. 

The brains, the central operating system, consists of three parts:

  • The Database
  • Business Information system 
  • Management system  

The Brains contains all historical brand, product and service and promotional information to get started with FaceValue. 

Promotional offers can be created and issued at a single Point Of Purchase Point on top of the central promotional offers as well.  

All of this guarantees the FaceValue application turns sales in to service for the prospect, leading to the maximum number of purchases whilst minimizing the cost per purchase at the same time for the supplier.




FaceValue Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3
Billing, CPQ, Credit Management connected.
Use of own app for purchase generation.
branding automation market.
Possibility for automated series ( custom automation work flows ).
Comprehensive brand management technology.
The cloud is allowing marketers to work faster and smarter.
Enables brand teams to communicate as they create content seamlessly.
Legally generates addresses
Easy to select database.
Free up time for aligning the daily tactics to business strategy.
Possibility for A/B testing.
Easy overview of address database.
Easy to integrate with other marketing sales apps.
Possibility to create specific target audiences.
freeing up time for creative and strategic initiatives
Possibility for campaign , contact and list reporting.
possibility of nurturing purchases and/or prospects.
Brand automation lets marketers respond to real-time issues because there is a foundation for brand materials , which is accessible and consistent across the business.
Possibility for dynamic (and conditional) email content.
Free e mail templates.
Suited for exchange platform tie in promotions.
Suited for small and big companies.
Human capacity planning included.
Create find and use digital data.
possibility for social media monitoring and reaction automations.
Send newsletters.
Suited for point of market entry marketing such as start up market.
Perpetuum mobile is acquiring addresses.
Recruitment and hiring included.
Prospects can choose their preferred point of purchase to buy.
"uber "marketing sales platform.
Promotional database included.
Multi Lingual
eliminating repetitive administrative tasks.
Fits the European market.
single handed marketing sales possible.
Salesforce Salescloud
Go To Meeting
Go To Webinar
Google Analytics
Less labour cost.
possibility to build custom forms for landing pages.
Management of prospect groups on social media possible.
Easy to load addresses.
brand consistency across all social channels
Perpetuum mobile design principle applied.
Marketing Sales expertise embedded in company.
Endorsement SalesForce eco system.
A clear innovator in the branding automation market.
Free phone , live chat and e mail support.
Easy to generate purchases by students.
Easily create , find and use digital content

FaceValue, the Purchase Generator.

FaceValue provides the world producers of product and services an unique application which generates the maximum number of purchases at the lowest cost per purchase possible.


Structure your marketing sales with the FaceValue app and generate the maximum number of purchases for your brand at the lowest cost per purchase possible.


Across all 19 Points of Purchase and regions with simplified collaboration across the organisation internally and externally. With just one click on the button the user activates the Brand at all 19 Points Of Purchase.


Use the FaceValue app and become attractive for prospects. Do not sell, make prospects buy. Being available at all 19 Points of Purchase in the best manner, at the right time, with all necessary information, with the right price and with the right offer!

Unique Benefits

Outperform your competitor easily

Be at all 19 Points Of Purchase present with the best execution and promotional offer. Get more out your money spend on marketing and sales. And get preference and loyalty from the market over the competition.

Maximum time for your core business

This will accelerate your growth even more on top of the FaceValue app results. Hence, double effect ensuring success.

Activate execution of 19 points of purchases with just one Click

After filing the brains, the only action left is issuing  promotional offers. As many as you like or need to drive the volume.

The return on investment of FaceValue is a no brainer

€330 Per user per month damps away by the increase in turnover. The ‎€330 includes ‎€150 for the Salesforce CRM subscription which leaves  ‎€180 for FaceValue.

Increase Attractiveness of your brand

Increase the attractiveness of your brand by adding the most attractive promotional offers.

Be sure of the result monitoring the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

Monitoring the KPI’s of all 19 Points Of Purchase and total. Not only checking the effect of the best practices at the 19 Point Of Purchases, but checking the effect of different promotions on the number of purchases and the cost per purchase also. 

Outperform your competitors by being at all 19 Points of Purchase in the best manner possible.   

Our Clients


Get a free FaceValue training worth €500 when buying a subscription.

Get the training for free and start to generate purchases for your brand within 24 hours. Pursuade your prospects to buy in the ultimate way possible at all 19 Points of Purchase.

Outperform your competitors by being at all 19 Points of Purchase in the best manner possible.   

Persuade your prospects to buy in the ultimate way possible at all 19 Points of Purchase. 

Get a free FaceValue training worth €500 when buying a subscription.
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