Increase your cashflow within 4 weeks!

Increase your cashflow within 4 weeks!

Generate the maximum number of purchases for your brand at the lowest cost possible using the only branding and business development app in the world. Get the training for free and start to generate purchases for your brand within 24 hours.  

Outperform your competitors by being at all 20 Points of Purchase in the best manner possible.   

The price of the FaceValue app is €180 per user per month. The app operates in conjunction with the world market leader Salesforce CRM app with the price of €75 per user. The Salesforce CRM app provides the user with numerous functionalities on top of those used to operate the FaceVaue app. 

For in total €255 per user per month the user experiences the worlds only branding and business development app on the most succesful CRM platform of the world, Salesforce. 

Delivering the maximum number of purchases for your brand at the lowest cost per purchase possible.


Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions FaceValue Offer July 2019

  1. This Offer has been published by FaceValue, the office is located at Generaal Vetterstraat 82, 1059 BW in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  2. This Offer runs from 11 July until 31 August 2019 (hereinafter: the Offer Period).
  3. The Offer may be taken by potential new customers.
  4. FaceValue subscription costs 180 euro per user per month, Salesforce CRM subscription (Enterprise Edition) costs 75 per user per month. Which makes it a total of 255 euro, per user per month.
  5. If you don’t have a Salesforce CRM subscription, you’ll need to buy a subscription and pay 12 months in advance. If you do already have a Salesforce subscription, you’ll only need to pay the FaceValue subscription. Salesforce CRM provides you with all its software functionalities. For more information please visit
  6. FaceValue consists of a monthly payment only.
  7. The FaceValue subscription and payment should start in Jun 2019.
  8. Each Participant may participate in the Offer Unlimited.
  9. Failure to comply with the standard contractual obligations or for a monthly payment delay, the Offer will be expired by FaceValue.
  10. The Offer is handed over once the contracts are signed.
  11. This Offer does not apply to FaceValue other offers.
  12. This Offer is not redeemable for money.
  13. FaceValue reserves the right to modify or terminate the Offer unilaterally. In case of change or termination of the Offer, notification will be made on
  14. This Offer is valid in all countries.
  15. This Offer is subject to Dutch law only.
  16. FaceValue is not liable for any typing, printing or erasure errors.
  17. In cases where these conditions are not provided, a decision will be made by FaceValue.
  18. By participating in this Offer, the Participant declares that the Participant agrees with all the above.

These Offer terms is also available at

Also read our General Terms and Conditions on our Website


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